Attorney at law (Paris Bar)

Virginie is an attorney at law and a member of the Paris Bar. She has been practicing in the field of Intellectual Property since 1997

After obtaining a Master's degree in Business Law (University of PARIS Saclay) in 1996, and a DESS in European Business Law (University of PARIS Saclay) in 1997, Virginie began her career the same year at Cabinet Benech, which gave her a taste for industrial property. She began as a legal expert and then practised as a freelance associate at the firm. Highly loyal to the firm, she became a partner in 2012.
Virginie acts not only as a consultant, particularly in the acquisition of industrial property rights (trademarks, designs), but also in the drafting and negotiation of contracts related to intellectual property rights (IT contracts, R&D contracts, technology transfer, know-how, assignment, licences) and auditing of intellectual property rights, but also in litigation before the courts or in arbitration (infringement proceedings, claims for recovery, unfair competition litigation, contractual liability litigation) and before the offices (INPI, EUIPO) in the context of oppositions. She advises both French and overseas clients.

Virginie is a member of several professional associations (AIPPI, APRAM, APEB, LES and AAPI).

She is also jointly responsible for the Paris Bar's open committee on Patents and Trade Secrecy.

She also delivers regular training in Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Law at the IEEPI (European Enterprise and Intellectual Property Institute). For a number of years, she has co-led training on “Learning the basics of patent agreements” and “Further developing patent contracts”. She has also delivered internal training on topics related to technology transfer.

She is also secretary of the 1901 law association "Cerveau Droit” which aims to bring lawyers and scientists together to reflect and debate on existing and future relationships between law and neuroscience.

She co-authored the section on France in "International Intellectual Patent Litigation" (1997-2020) FT Law and Tax. LANGUAGES: French, English, Spanish.