A comprehensive and concrete approach to your intellectual property

Are you facing an intellectual property-related challenge?

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With our team of patent attorneys, attorneys at law, specialised in intellectual property, and lawyers who work in synergy and share their experience to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services (technical and legal).

“Understanding comes from talking.”

Professionals with complementary expertise

The firm was founded in 1993 by Frédéric Benech, a nuclear engineer and former french patent attorney, now attorney at law. The firm’s multidisciplinary approach is in its DNA, and for the last thirty years it has been providing its clients with comprehensive services (technical and legal) in the field of intellectual property.
We are patent attorneys, engineers by training, able to understand and solve your technical and legal problems to protect your innovations and intangible assets anywhere in the world.
We are legal attorneys at law and lawyers who specialise in intellectual property, professionals who understand law, contracts and legal procedures. We can provide you with legal advice and defend you before the courts with commitment, passion and creativity.

“Strength in numbers”

For comprehensive IP services

Obtaining your rights
“Strategy is the resources at your disposal...”

At your side, we create and protect all your intangible assets (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, geographical names and quality marks), by helping you to establish them and in particular:

Using your rights
"“...and the will to use them...”"

Once the rights have been established, we assist you in all your intellectual property procedures, helping you make the most of them, in particular:

Defending your rights
“...and to defend them”

And the firm will protect your interests and assets against any form of infringement:

And we’ve been doing this for nearly thirty years!